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This information has been provided by The Education Inclusion Service and The EHC Team

Choosing a school for a child with SEND

Children with SEND can have their needs met in both mainstream and specialist schools.

The information below will help you to get an idea of the sort of support available in mainstream.

Moving Up: For parents of children moving up to a new school

If your child is going to be moving up to Primary or Secondary school and you are wondering how you can help to support them with this transition, take a look at the Solihull 'Moving Up' hub.
This site includes new free video guides, relevant online course information and topical blogs for parents on preparing for new school transitions.
Take a look below:

BMBC Parent, Carer and Young People Guide for SEND Support in mainstream school

👨‍👧‍👦 The Barnsley Parent/Carer EHC Discussion Group and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council have created a guide to SEND support in mainstream schools.

You can download a copy here

School SEND policy

Barnsley schools can provide support for your child. 

Schools provide key information about what they have in place for children with SEND, it's usually found in their SEND policy.

The SEND policy can help parents/carers make an informed choice about the school their child attends.

It contains information about:
  • The names, roles, and responsibilities of everyone at the school who are involved with providing for children with SEND
  • How the school changes their teaching and makes sure that children with SEND make good progress
  • How accessible the school is
The SEND policy must be displayed on the school’s website.

Take a look at the link below to find your local school, then click on their website – it’s usually under their ‘Policy’ section.

What to do if you have concerns about your child or young person's progress

If you have concerns about your child’s:

  • academic progress 
  • social and emotional progress or
  • wellbeing

There are lots of things that can be looked at and put in place to make sure the right level of support is available for them. This is called the graduated approach.

What if SEND Support isn't enough?

Sometimes the reviews show children need more support, you or the school can then ask for an EHCP Assessment.

Read more about the EHCP process here

Specialist schools and resourced provisions can be the next option for children whose needs are not being met in a mainstream school. 

Specialist Schools & Resourced Provisions

In Barnsley there are four special schools:

There are also resourced provisions (links open in a new window).

  • Abbey @ Horizon Community College - for those with learning difficulties and an EHCP
  • Outwood Carlton Academy - for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties and an EHCP
  • Meadstead Primary Academy - for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties and an EHCP
  • Hoyland Springwood Primary - for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties
  • Hoyland Springwood Primary (The Hub) - for children with more complex communication and interaction difficulties and an EHCP
  • Worsbrough Common Primary - for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties
  • Oakhill Primary Academy - for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties, in particular speech and language difficulties. 
  • Heart Space at Penistone Grammar School - for pupils with complex needs
  • Laithes Primary has an integrated resource for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties
  • Churchfield Primary- Integrated resource for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties
  • Astrea Academy Dearne- Athena Synergy provision for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties, Athena, specialist SEND provision 

Search for specialist provision

You can use the Special Needs Guide to search for specialist non-maintained schools.

When you go to the page you will see the search function below the banner at the top of the page.

You can use the search to find schools in any region as well as filter by the age range, types of SEND needs, gender and if the school is residential or day. You can also enter your postcode to find schools within a set distance from your location.

Find out more:

Independent Non Maintained Schools ( known as Section 41)

What is a Section 41 school?

These are approved private independent special schools for children with SEND. They are not run by the local authority.
Parents can ask for these schools to be named in a child or young person's EHCP. 

Your EHCP coordinator will give you a list of schools that may meet their needs. You will have time to think about it and contact or visit the schools before your next meeting. You can find downloadable versions of the section 41 list in different formats here. Once downloaded these can be filtered by local authority.

You will find contact details for the schools so you can discuss your specific needs or arrange a visit to the school

Help with getting to School

School transport for children with an EHCP.

School transport can be provided for children with an EHCP who live more than 2 miles away from the school named in that plan.

It’s an online form, which takes about 20 minutes to complete (link opens in a new window).

You will need information about your child’s diagnosis, emotional and behavioural needs, height, and weight (if they need a car seat)

You will be asked about what would make your child’s journey more comfortable, such as interests and triggers for the driver to know in advance.

School transport for children without an EHCP.

If your child has significant sensory, medical, or behavioural difficulties that stop them from getting to school or college even when accompanied by a parent or carer you can apply for school transport.

You need to provide a range of written evidence from the last 12 months. This may include evidence from education or health care professionals, parents, carers and school.

There is no telephone number or email address for this service.

If you need more information complete the online enquiry form. Link opens in a new window.

After 16 years old

From Year 9 you will start to consider what the options are after leaving school.

Visit the Post-16 Offer: (link opens in a new window)

  • Moving into further/higher education with an EHCP
  • Choosing the right course
  • Mainstream Colleges
  • Specialist Training Colleges
  • Support once an EHCP finishes
  • Support getting a job or starting a business
  • Support Internships

What if you are not happy with a school

 How to raise a concern or make a complaint:

  1. Firstly, talk to the school’s or setting’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
  2. If you feel your concern has not been resolved you can follow the school’s formal complaints procedure. The steps will be set out in the school’s  complaints policy.

For more information about school complaints Visit the Barnsley Council website


SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Information, Advice, Support Service) support lots of families through their educational journey. 

(Links below open in a new window)

To find out more, visit their website here

Find them on Facebook: 

Ring: 01226 787234


Jargon Buster : What does that mean?

Maintained schoolA school that is funded by the local authority
Non-maintained schoolA school that is funded by the state, not the local authority. eg Academy schools
Independent schoolA school that receives its funding from tuition fees or charitable donation
Mainstream schoolAny school that mainly meets the needs of pupils who do not have special educational needs.
Special schoolA school that is set up just to meet the needs of SEND pupils. Pupils will need an EHCP

Resourced provision

Provision set up to deliver education for SEND children. Usually by referral.

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