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Keeping well before, during and after pregnancy 

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Support to stay well before, during and after your pregnancy

Whether it is your first child, or you are adding to your family, having a baby can be an exciting time, but can be full of emotion too. You might have questions or just need some reassurance. Support is available from the moment you find out you are having a baby.

What is Perinatal Mental Health

You may hear professionals talk about 'perinatal mental health' 

Perinatal mental health means the feelings and thoughts that parents have when they are going to have a baby or after the baby is born. This is an important time, but sometimes, parents might feel sad or worried because of all the changes happening in their bodies and their lives. It's ok to feel like this.

Some of the things you may feel are:

Feeling Really Sad: This can happen before the baby comes and after the baby is born. It's sometimes called prenatal, or post-natal depression. Men can have it too. 

Worrying Too Much: Sometimes, parents worry a lot about the baby and everything else.

Feeling Scared: You might have moments when you feel scared about the future, or your relationship.

Thinking About Things Over and Over: You may think about things again and again, these thoughts can be upsetting and may be hard to talk about. 

Feeling Happy or Sad: You might have times when you feel happy, but then suddenly, feel very sad out of nowhere.

Feeling Very Confused: Some parents might feel confused and not know what's happening around them. They might lose touch with what's real and what's not. 

If you or someone you know is having these feelings, it's important to talk to your GP, midwife or health visitor on 01226 774411.

It's okay to ask for help, and there are people who want to support you. They can help you feel better and enjoy the special time of having a baby.

Find out more abut bonding with Baby

Professionals sometimes talk about 'parent-infant relationships'. This means bonding with your baby.

Providing love, care, and positive interactions with your baby can set them up for a happy and successful life ahead.

Support for dads, and partners

Becoming a parent is a happy time, but it can be tough too. Dads and partners can feel sad or worried after a baby is born, just like mums can.

Staying healthy during pregnancy

Maintaining good health before, during, and after pregnancy is very important for both mum and the baby.