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The Disabled Children's Register (DCR)

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What is the Disabled Children’s Register (DCR)?
The DCR is a database of SEND children and young people aged 0-25 living in Barnsley.
It’s a voluntary register and your child doesn’t need a formal diagnosis to join. It’s different to the SEN register at school, and the EHCP database.
What is it used for?

The register helps with planning and developing services for children and young people with SEND.

By registering, the Families Information Service can keep you up to date on:

  • new groups;
  • local services;
  • SEND events;
  • public consultations.

They can send you information targeted to your child’s needs or condition, at key times in your child’s life such as transitions and preparing for adulthood.

How do I join the DCR?

If you want to join the DCR, ring the Families Information Service on 0800 0345 340 or email with the subject DCR. 

New DCR online registration coming soon. 

What if I no longer wish to be on the register?

Joining the DCR is voluntary. If you change your mind, your details can be removed. Ring Families Information Service on 0800 0345 340 and we will delete your record.

Your child’s details will be automatically taken off the register once they turn 25.
Your Privacy

The information is held securely in the Synergy database. The information you provide will only be seen by a small number of staff within the Families Information Service who maintain the datastore.

You can find our privacy notice here.
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the process of talking about something with someone in order to get their advice or opinion about it
Databaseinformation held in a computer