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Concerns, Mediation and Exclusions

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This information has been provided by Education Welfare and SENDIASS

Raising Concerns

If you are unhappy with a service or the help your child is getting in an early years setting, school, or post-16 setting you should speak with someone as soon as possible. 

For concerns about support in school

The first thing you should do if your are unhappy about the help your child receives is speak to a member of staff at the setting, for example:

  • 👩‍🏫 their teacher (or for an Early Years setting their keyworker)
  • 🧑 the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • 👩‍🦳 the headteacher 

You will likely need to arrange a meeting so you have time to discuss your concerns. 

For concerns about SEN services provided by the local authority

You can contact the relevant service in the first instance to explain your concerns, you can find contact details for SEND services using the who can help, search a service tool here. (INSERT LINK) 

You can read more about raising a concern or complaint about a BMBC service here: 

BMBC Complaints & Compliments

Safeguarding Concerns

If the child is in danger call 999

If the child is not at risk of immediate harm

If you're concerned about a child, but they're not in immediate danger, it's still important to share the information as soon as possible. If your call is not urgent contact Children's Social Care on (01226) 772423. Offices are open between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Out of hours emergencies

If you want to report your concern urgently and the offices are closed, you can contact the emergency duty team on (01226) 787789. They work on weekends and bank holidays and deal with issues that can't wait until usual office opening hours.

PALS Patient Liaison

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service, known as PALS, makes sure that the NHS listens to patients, their relatives, carers and friends, and answers their questions and resolves their concerns as quickly as possible.

When you need advice have concerns or don’t know where to turn Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help. 

How to get in touch
📱 01226 432571


You may wish to speak to SENDIASS who will give you the chance for you to talk things through and say what your concerns are before you take things further with the school, or local authority. 

SENDIASS can help with

    • Support when writing letters to school, early years and post-16 settings, and the local authority.
    • Help with statutory assessments and the education, health and care plan process.
    • Understanding local policy and practice.
    • The law on SEN and disability.
    • Health and social care.
    • Advice or issues around school or setting placement.
    • Support at meetings.
    • Advice on transport arrangements.
    • Help when things go wrong. Including resolving issues and providing support to manage appeals, exclusions and complaints on SEN matters.

    Find out more

    💻 Barnsley SENDIASS

    📱  01226 787234.



    Mediation is an informal way of settling disagreement with the local authority and in Barnsley this is provided by Collis Mediation.

    If you are thinking about appealing these local authority decisions…

    • refusal to carry out an EHC needs assessment;
    • refusal to issue an EHC plan;
    • the contents of a final EHC plan or amended plan;
    • decision not to amend an EHC plan;
    • decision to cease to maintain an EHC plan

    …you must first consider mediation by contacting Collis Mediation. 

    If you decide it’s not for you, they will issue you a certificate which enables you to appeal to the SEND Tribunal. You have two months from the decision letter or issue of the final EHC plan to decide to go to mediation and/or appeal. 

    Find out more

    💻 Local Offer EHCP information pages

    💻 Collis Mediation 

    Suspensions & Exclusions

    What is a school suspension?
    A pupil is temporarily removed from the school and is part of school's behaviour management tools that should be set out within school's behaviour policy. A pupil may be suspended for one or more fixed periods (up to a maximum of 45 school days in a single academic year).
    It is important that during a suspension, pupils still receive their education. Headteachers should take steps to ensure that work is set and marked for pupils during the first five school days of a suspension. This can include utilising any online pathways such as Google Classroom or Oak National Academy. The school’s legal duties to pupils with disabilities or SEN remain in force, for example, to make reasonable adjustments in how they support disabled pupils during this period.
    A suspension can also be for parts of the school day. For example, if a pupil’s behaviour at lunchtime is disruptive, they may be suspended from the school premises for the duration of the lunchtime period. The headteacher has a duty to notify parents of all suspensions.

    What is a permanent exclusion
    A permanent exclusion is when a pupil is no longer allowed to attend a school. The decision to exclude a pupil permanently should only be taken:
    •  in response to a serious breach or persistent breaches of the school's behaviour policy.
    •  where allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others such as staff or pupils in the school.
    For any permanent exclusion, headteachers should take reasonable steps to ensure that work is set and marked for pupils during the first five school days where the pupil will not be attending alternative provision. 

    As a parent what can I do?
    If you are worried that your child is finding it difficult to engage in their education please speak to the school. You could ask school whether further assessments such as the Early Help Assesment, might be required to identify your child’s needs, and what other services there might be to support them.

    You could ask school if they have contacted to the Education Welfare or SEND and Inclusion Service for advice and support.
    You should be able to find a copy of the school’s SEN and behaviour policies on their website.
    There will also be a SEN information report available to view. If you can’t find these on the school website, request copies.

    If you have any questions or concerns about an exclusion decision for your child, speak to the Head Teacher as soon as you are told about the exclusion. You can also contact the governing body if you have any concerns.

    If you believe your child has been discriminated against under the Equality Act 2010 you can make a claim to the First Tier Tribunal for Disability Discrimination. If you take this route you must do so within six months of an incident (exclusion).

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