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Face to Face Parenting Programmes
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Face to Face Parenting Programmes
We offer a range of Face to Face parenting programmes to support you at every stage of your journey. 
Webster Stratton 'Incredible Years'

This course gives new ideas and ways for dealing with children’s behaviour— the ‘everyday’ issues and more serious behavioural issues.

For parents and carers of primary school aged children.

The course is 14 weekly sessions, 2 hours each week.

Sleep Success
The Sleep Success Programme covers why sleep is important and tips for developing sleep routines

For parents and carers with children over 12 months old.

The course is 5 weekly sessions, 2 hours each week.

Talking Teens

Talking Teens focuses on the changes teenagers go through. It gives practical advice, such as setting boundaries and improving communication skills to help build you bond with your teen.

This course is for all parents and carers of children at secondary school, 11 years plus.

The course is 5 weekly sessions, 2 hours each week

How do I book?
Complete the registration form here and return by email to
What happens next?
Our parent educator team will contact you to talk through the courses, tell you how you will find out a place is available and what you need to do when a place is available