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Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

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Staying healthy during pregnancy

There's lots of information about how to stay physically well and look after yourself and the baby while you're pregnant. Take a look at the below sites recommended by Barnsley's 0-19 Public Health Nursing Service

Healthy Mums @ Barnsley Metrodome

This is a 12-week FREE programme for pregnant women based at the Metrodome Leisure centre with a focus on mental health, physical activity and nutrition.

Am I eligible?
To be eligible for this programme you must be:
  • Be aged 18 or above.
  • Be a Barnsley resident or be registered with a Barnsley GP.
  • Have a BMI of over 25.
  • Must be in your 2nd trimester (13 weeks - 26 weeks pregnant)
  • Speak to your GP or midwife if you want to be referred to this programme.
Find out more:
Ring 01226 738657

Smoking and pregnancy

The Maternity Stop Smoking Service is here to help those who are pregnant and their families, to quit smoking.
In Barnsley, there is a scheme to encourage and support you to quit smoking.

Here's how it works:
  • You get a £20 gift card just for picking a day to quit smoking.
  • Another £20 gift card is yours if you can go without smoking for 4 weeks and prove it with a CO2 breath test
  • If you keep not smoking, you get a £15 gift card every month until your baby is born. Your progress will be checked with a test each month before you get the gift card. You could get this for up to 8 months, depending on when you start.
  • When you're 36 weeks pregnant and you're still not smoking, you will get a £50 voucher. There will be another test to make sure you've stayed smoke-free.
Find out more:

Start for Life emails

You can sign up for the Start for Life emails for support during your pregnancy and beyond they include tips on bonding with your baby, exercising safely and what foods to eat.

Find out more:

NHS Keeping well in pregnancy

Find out about maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy, what foods are safe to eat, and exercise tips with a growing bump

Find out more:

National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

This guide from the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) helps you understand why you might have trouble sleeping at night when you're pregnant and to give you some ideas to try for a good night's sleep.

Find out more:

Tommy's Keeping healthy during pregancy

Tommy's website includes information about alcohol during pregnancy, managing your weight safely and a caffeine calculator. 

Find out more:

First Steps Nutrition

Find out about your nutrition needs during pregnancy. The guide includes recipes, meal ideas and information about vitamins and supplements. 

Find out more: 

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