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Parenting Top Tips 

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Family Links Parenting

Family Links provides free leaflets and guides to help you at every stage of your parenting journey. Click the blue links to read them now, or save them for later.  

Top Tips: Take a look at the Family Links Parenting Booklet for top tips on giving praise, setting boundaries, recharging your batteries and more. 

Negotiation: Sometimes we need to meet in the middle. Check out the 8 Steps for Negotiation Leaflet 

Choices and Consequences: This helpful guide has 7 steps for giving Choices and Consequences with examples.

Problem-Solving: Are the same things causing a problem in your family life? Find out how to work together with this guide to Problem-Solving 

Active Ignoring can work well on behaviours such as whining, interrupting, swearing and sulking. The Active Ignoring Guide can help you master this technique: 

Giving Time to Calm Down: Sometimes we just all need a breather, follow the 10-step guide to Supporting Children to Calm Down. 

Giving Praise is so much more than a well done. Read these 9 Easy Steps to Giving Praise Effectively 

Where can I get more advice?

If you would like to talk to someone about parenting or behaviour ring 0800 0345 340 and we will put you in touch with a member of the Family Hubs team,

Or drop into any of our Family Hub sites Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30 pm for an informal chat

Find your nearest Family Hub 

Top tips from the Sleep Charity

Have you heard of the Sleep Charity?

The Sleep Charity provides information fact sheets, guides and top tips about getting a good night's sleep. Click the blue headings to read them now, or save them for later.

Common Sleep Issues: Find out about the most common issues kids have at bedtime, such as struggling to settle, changed in routine, bed-wetting and more

Nightmares and Night Terrors: Find out what the differences are, and what can help soothe them.

Bedtime Routines: A good routine helps to support children’s body clocks and aids relaxation, find example routines and helpful tips here.

Bedroom Environment: Find tips to help make your child’s bedroom the perfect place to support a restful night’s sleep:

Relaxation Tips: Read about how to create a relaxing and calm environment as bedtime approaches.

Diet and Sleep: What we consume during the day can impact on our ability to sleep at night. Find out which foods are helpful and which ones to avoid before bed

Sleep Hub for Teens: Many teens enjoy spending their evenings gaming, being online or on social media sites and quite often these activities can run well into the night. The Teen Sleep hub can help get back control

Who can I talk to?
Ring the National Sleep Helpline: 03303 530 541 lines are open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7 - 9pm and on Monday and Wednesday Mornings 9 - 11am 

Or drop into any of our Family Hub sites Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30 pm for an informal chat

Barnsley Sleep Helpline

Our sleep helpline is here to give expert advice if your child is struggling with their sleep, from 12months through to 18 years of age.

Available every Wednesday from 24th April 2024, between 12pm & 4pm.

Ring 01226 704026 to speak to a trained practitioner from the sleep charity to help you with any worries about your child's sleep.