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Barnsley Pregnancy in Mind Service

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About the service

The Barnsley Pregnancy in Mind Service is provided by the NSPCC. It gives help and support to those who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression during the second trimester of pregnancy.

It is a group work programme that aims to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of women who are pregnant, and their partners, who live in Barnsley.

The service aims to:

  • Reduce scoring on anxiety (GAD-7) and depression (PHQ-9) scales.
  • Develop a support network and a personal wellbeing action plan for each service user by the end of the programme, including onward referral to other appropriate services.


To be eligible for the service you must: 

• Be in your second trimester (12 - 26 weeks pregnant.)

• Live in Barnsley

• Must not already have involvement from community mental health services (PNMH team, IAPT)

• Must not have been admitted to hospital within last six months for self-harm. 


The Service will take referrals from anyone, including self-referrals, over the phone simply ring 01274 381440

If a professional is referring, mum must give verbal consent to being referred to the service and their details being held by NSPCC.

What happens after the referral is made?


Following referral, you will receive a pre-assessment over 1 or 2 sessions, over the phone. This is an initial chat to talk about how you are feeling and helps us get you the best possible support. 

We will ask your consent in the pre-assessment to share information with other professionals for the benefit of your family.

The help you will get:

  • You will be invited to a minimum of four virtual group work sessions. This will include a mix of self-help strategies such as mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • There will be a specific focus on developing connection with your unborn baby.
  • We will show you the NSPCC Look Say Sing Play activities
  • If you have a partner they will be encouraged to attend all sessions.
  • One-to-one wellbeing check in calls between sessions.
  • If English isn't your first language and you need an interpreter we can provide one. 
  • You will get a weekly phone call to discuss how you are feeling and complete anxiety and depression scales.

At the end of the programme

We aim to complete our time together by week 36 of your pregnancy, if you are still scoring highly on anxiety and depression scales at the end of the programme we can refer you for more support from local mental health organisations. 

Partnership working 

We keep in close contact with your midwife and health visitor and will arrange a call to update them on what has happened at the end of the programme. We will also write to your GP with your permission.