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Looking after your baby
On this page you will find resources on looking after your baby, including feeding your baby, helping your baby sleep, preparing for your baby in pregnancy and how to deal with your baby crying.

How to change a nappy

This useful NHS guide and video will tell you 

  • When to change baby's nappy 
  • What you need to have to hand
  • Where to change baby
  • How to change boys and girls safely 

NHS: How to change your baby

NHS bottle feeding advice
This resource from the NHS provides guidance and tips if you’re planning to bottle feed your baby with expressed breast milk or infant formula, to help keep them safe and healthy

First Steps Nutrition
First Steps Nutrition guidance for Infants and New Mums provides a range of resources, including meal, snack and drink ideas, for new mums and infants. Information on breastfeeding, introducing solids, and eating well guidance for mothers (including breastfeeding mothers) can be found here. There is also a resource providing meal and snack ideas if you plan to raise your baby as vegan.

Click here to view the website
Cry-sis: For parents with crying and sleepless babies
Cry-sis provide support for parents with crying and sleepless babies.
Click here to learn more about who they are and how they can help.

Making a birth plan (NHS)
This NHS produced resource provides information, guidance, and advice to help you design your own birth plan.
It includes a template that you can download and complete yourself.

How to bath your baby

Find out the safest way to bath your baby

This helpful YouTube Clip shows you: 

  • How to check the temperature 
  • How deep the bath should be 
  • How to hold baby safely 
  • How often you should bath baby 

NHS bathing your baby 

Breastfeeding Assessment Tools
These tools, produced by Unicef’s Baby Friendly Initiative, have been designed for you to complete with your midwife or health visitor. They will help you work with your midwife or health visitor to determine if your baby is breastfeeding well and safely.

First Steps Nutrition: Infant formula info
For information and advice on infant formulas and milks, and how to prepare infant formula safely, from First Steps Nutrition click here

Introducing solids

The below resources, from the Institute of Health Visiting and Unicef, provide information and guidance if you are planning to introduce solids to your baby

PDF Resource Introducing your baby to solid foods (iHV)

Breastfeeding Videos

The links below will take you to the Unicef and Best Beginnings website, where you can view videos covering a range of breastfeeding topics, including positioning and attachment, the first feed, and overcoming breastfeeding challenges

Videos Best Beginnings Videos From Bump to Breastfeeding (Unicef)

Videos Best Beginnings Breastfeeding Videos: 

Healthy Start Vouchers
The Healthy Start Scheme provides support to help buy healthy food and milk. If you are more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4 you may be eligible to receive support under the scheme. You can find out more about the scheme, if you’re eligible and how to apply here.

Tommy's Pregnancy Hub
Tommy’s Pregnancy Hub provides a range of information and advice, covering topics such as preparing for your baby during pregnancy, feeding your baby, your baby’s sleep and understanding your new baby

Take a look here
Tips about crying
Coping with a crying baby can be hard. This tip sheet from the Institute of Health Visiting contains facts on infant crying and provides some tips on how to cope with a crying a baby.

Download a copy here