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Keeping Baby Safe
This page contains resources to help you keep your baby safe. It includes safe sleeping advice, tips for managing stress and anger and guidance on how to protect your baby from common childhood accidents.
Safer Sleep Advice Lullaby Trust
Providing a safe sleep for your baby can reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI). The Lullaby Trust website provides simple steps and guidance for safer sleep.
Baby & Toddler Safety NHS

Baby & Toddler Safety from the NHS contains information on the most common accidents that hurt children, and what you can do to protect your baby or toddler from these accidents.

Keeping children safe NHS
The NSPCC have put together information, guidance and advice on keeping children safe, which can be found by clicking here. This resources includes information on children’s mental health, dealing with tantrums and PANTS (the underwear rule).

NSPCC: Handle with Care
Handle with Care is a guide for parents, produced by the NSPCC, to help you keep your baby safe. It includes guidance on how to hold your baby, coping with crying and keeping your cool, and also signposts you to further support if you are struggling.

Coping with crying Parents Advice (ICON)
To access support and advice on how to cope with a crying baby, click here. More support on coping with crying can be found in the ‘Looking after your baby’ section.

NSPCC: Keeping your cool
Keeping your Cool, is an NSPCC produced guide, providing advice for parents on managing feelings of stress and anger that may get in the way of good parenting practices.

Accidents and Injuries: Child Accident Prevention Trust
The Child Accident Prevention Trust website contains information on the main causes of accident and injury and babies and young children, helping you to understand your child’s development (and the accidents that come with them) so you can keep them safe.