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Rose Vouchers

You are eligible if you are getting:

  • Healthy start vouchers
  • 10 weeks pregnant
  • Income support
  • Job seekers Allowance
  • Child tax credits
  • Universal credit
  • Under 18 and pregnant

Where can I use the vouchers?

You can use your vouchers in Barnsley Market. The following are a list of fruit and veg stalls who accept the vouchers:

  • Dave and Dave
  • E B Price
  • Five A Day
  • D S Fruits

You can also use the vouchers at the following community fruit and veg stalls:

  • Lorraine’s at Barnsley Hospital
  • Lottie’s Korna at New Lodge
  • Smiths on Wombwell High Street
  • Smiths at Thurnscoe
  • Penistone Market
Where do I sign up and collect my vouchers?

To sign up and find out about collection days ring the Family Centre near you:

Athersley Family Centre: 
Grimethorpe Family Centre: 
Lundwood Family Centre: 
Central Family Centre: 
Darfield Family Centre: 
Thurnscoe Family Centre: 
Dearne Family Centre: 
01226 296969
01226 774030
01226 248564
01226 772877
01226 753366
01226 775885
01709 890303