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Building Stronger Relationships

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Who are One Plus One?
One Plus One are a charity that make resources to help parents build healthy and respectful relationships. They have three online courses that you can access below. 
How do I access the free online courses?
Arguing better

This is for parents who are together in a relationship;

Work through tips and strategies on:

• Improving how you handle conflict
• Improving communications in your relationships
• The impact on children

To access this course click here 

You, Me and Baby too

For parents who are expecting or already have a new baby in the family;

Having a new baby can be such an exciting event, but it can also bring added pressure to a relationship.

Find out more about:

• Dealing with daily stresses
• Being prepared
• Helpful conflict

To access this course click here

Getting it right for the Children

For parents who are separated or divorced

Use this course to understand more about:

  • Dealing with high emotions
  • Getting used to a new way of living
  • Communicating and working together
  • Managing change

To access this course click here.

Understanding your relationships

This course covers:

  • Our feelings
  • Understanding how the other person is feeling
  • Reading behaviours
  • Responding
  • Communicating feelings
  • The rhythm of interaction
  • Self regulation and anger
  • Coping with anger
  • What we learned from our parents
  • Rupture and repair

    For more information on this course click here

    This course is free if you enter the code Barnsley 2030